Terms of participation in the partner program of our exchanger

If you are interested not only in monitoring currency rates that our site offers, but also in additional earnings, then you should also think about our affiliate program and become its participant. And you should know that the newcomers who follow your link are assigned to you forever.

By registering on our site as a partner, you automatically agree with all the rules and confirm your readiness to observe them.

1. All charges and payments related to the affiliate program are made in USD (US dollars).

2. The minimum amount of earned currency that can be withdrawn is $ 10.

3. With the involvement of each new client, who at least once took advantage of our monitoring of exchange points, your fee will be at least $ 0.01 (this reward may change over time towards either increasing or decreasing, but the funds already earned will be saved taking into account those tariffs that were in effect at the time of their enrollment).

4. The user will not be perceived as new if:

He has already used his IP address to follow a unique link for the past twenty-four hours.
His browser does not display the address of the page with the link from which the transition was made.
He did not want to use the service, that is, did not make a single click on the site.
The client entered the site only to get the bonus.

5. Affiliates are not allowed to click on personal affiliate links, contact other users, so that they click on their affiliate link, as well as use various conversion wrap.

6. When placing information about our monitoring of exchange offices on the Internet, all services that we provide should be clearly stated, but it is prohibited to mention bonuses received by partners.

7. Affiliate link is not allowed to post:
In those systems where there is an active advertising or offer to view ads of this kind for the money.
On the resources that use the services provided by advertising systems.
On other web pages where you can get rewarded for visiting them.
In global mailings, called spam.
On sites that are able to forcibly open browser windows or pages in invisible frames.
On the resources involved in the distribution of various kinds of materials that are directly or indirectly contrary to the laws of our state.
On sites where there are publications lists of resources that provide “free bonuses” and other rewards.
Directly on web pages that are closed for mass viewing by authorization (some social networks, closed forums and the like).

BigPay.eu reserves the right to deny partnerships to sites if their subject matter does not meet certain requirements, that is, they should not be offered sexual services, calls for violence, incentives for religious or racial discrimination, or engaging in illegal activities. Those sites that violate at least one of the above conditions will be entered into the so-called “black list” and remuneration for customers who come from them will not be charged.

8. Failure to comply with these rules may lead to blocking the account of the offender and the termination of payments. And the reasons will not be explained.

9. The partner is responsible for the safety of personal authentication data, that is, his login and unique password to log into the account.

10. Some conditions may be slightly modified without notifying the participants of the program, which can be learned from the publications on this page.