Dear Clients! There are cases of fraud. We remind you that we make currency exchange exclusively through our website.Do not exchange in Telegram, social networks - only through our website.

Dear clients! The security of transactions could be compromised due to external factors beyond the control of our service. To prevent this from happening, we recommend you to make yourself aware of the following conditions of digital currency and cryptocurrency conversion.

●    Always demand identity authorization of a person on whose requisites you want to transfer money to. This can be done by personal calling to a person’s phone number, or by E-mail, online chat with technical support, or else by requesting information about the opponent’s wallet on the website of the payment system.
●    Be very attentive when filling “account number” field of the addressee. In case of a mistake, you are sending your money to the unknown destination with no return possibility.
●    Never offer loans while using “unresponsive” digital payment systems. In that case the possibility of being cheated is very high.
●    If you are offered to make a payment through the system that is not mentioned in the instructions of our service, cancel the payment and contact our specialist. This also relates to requested payments, which were not created by you personally.
●    Cancel the transfer of money, owners of which are third parties, through your own bank accounts. There are known cases when processing of such transactions for promised benefit have led to the bank account owner’s involvement in the financial crime due to the lack of awareness of the cheater’s true intent.
●    Always confirm the information you receive by E-mail with one of the employees.

We do not grant loans; we no dot accept donations. In case of receiving suspicious messages from our service with similar or different requisites it is best to avoid following the terms mentioned in the message and inform our technical support or online-chat operator.

With care for your financial wellbeing,