– Exchange point for the most popular digital currencies and cryptocurrencies.
Our exchange point is the official exchange point of all payment systems, which are presented on our website. This indicates the high level of trust towards our exchange point.

We are registered in Latvia: SIA “BigPay”.

Registration number: 45403053369

This all speaks of a high level of trust in our exchange service and the fulfillment of all obligations on our part.

The advantages of our exchange point:
–    Processing speed of requests in manual mode (from 5 to 60 minutes)
–    Profitable exchange rates
–    Individualized approach to every client
–    High security of payments (we do not share our client information with third parties)
–    We operate in all countries (CIS, Europe and America)

Why us?
–    The minimum commission for exchange is 1 dollar US
–    Operator’s support of all exchanges
–    Fast, reliable and anonymous completion of all exchanges
–    24/7/365 technical support